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Brent Liberal Democrat Dishonesty

1 Brent Liberal Democrats promised to freeze Brent Council Tax. Instead they have raised Band D Council Tax in Brent by more than £100.

2 Brent Liberal Democrats promised Free Car Parking Zone permits for residents.  That always looked unrealistic since car parking zones are supposed to be self-financing.  Instead of keeping their promise they have kept the £50 charge.

3 Brent Liberal Democrats promised to stop Post Office closures. Four Brent Post Office branches have closed since the Lib Dems took over Brent Council.

4 Brent Liberal Democrats promised to cut Council spending on publicity. In fact they INCREASED spending on publicity by £883,000 in 2008.  This includes continuing to publish the Brent Magazine, which they promised to scrap.

5 Brent Liberal Democrats promised free Personal care for the Elderly. INCREASED charges for the elderly by 200%.

6 Brent Liberal Democrats and Sarah Teather personally promised to "save Dollis Hill House". Now say "The Council simply cannot afford to finance the redevelopment and, in its current state, the house is dangerous and not secure."

7 Brent Liberal Democrats promised extra land to rebuild the Crest Academies (John Kelly Schools). Abandoned this promise in July 2009.

8 Brent Liberal Democrats promised to lead the fight against climate change. Reduced the targets for cutting carbon emissions at the Lib Dem run Brent Council from 20% to 6%.  Have redefined the 10:10 target so that it does not include school emissions, the fastest growing sector.

9 Brent Liberal Democrats promised to stop tall buildings being built. Since taking power they have approved new tall buildings across Brent, including one of 20 stories in Tokyngton and an eleven storey development in South Kilburn/Queens Park.

10 Brent Liberal Democrats promised to keep special collections of bulky rubbish free.  Introduced a £25 charge for such collections just over a year after taking office.
11 Brent Liberal Democrats promised to make Brent a Fairtrade Borough, but have still not done so after almost four years in charge of Brent Council.  The majority of London Boroughs are now Fairtrade, but not Brent.

12 The Liberal Democrats claim to oppose the use of bankruptcy proceedings to collect Council Tax except as an absolute last resort.  Liberal Democrat controlled Brent Council is one of the most aggressive authorities in the UK.

13 After promising to protect public green space during the Greenhouse application in Welsh Harp, Cllr Paul Lorber is now proposing to build new flats inside Barham Park.

14 Sarah Teather and Brent Liberal Democrats claimed to oppose the redevelopment of Brent Cross before the Election, but stayed silent when their Tory colleagues waved it through after the election.