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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Ward Working Projects in Kensal Green

We have now agreed all our ward working projects in Kensal Green so I thought I would quickly summarise them.

We agreed that we needed to do more to contact the Portuguese speaking community, so we gave a grant to the White House (which is a Portuguese speaking advice service) to buy some computer equipment, and we also paid for Flavas of Brent to have a programme specifically targeted at Portuguese speakers.  Flavas of Brent is a Council programme designed to train and certify people to set up small scale catering businesses. 

We also gave a large sum to St Mark's Church to build their new Church Hall, a contribution to the Night Shelter project led by Cricklewood Homeless Concern that helps homeless people, a contribution to the Junction Association for a clean up day in the Tubbs Road area, a small amount to the Friends of Odessa and Palermo Road to help pay for a neighbourhood party and an amount to help promote Fairtrade during the coming Fairtrade fortnight.

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