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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Camden and Brent Consulting

There has been fierce criticism of the consultation on the Brent Libraries Project, and this actually oner of the reasons for the forthcoming Call In.  Many have cited the consultation in Camden as being a far superior approach, but my counterpart in Camden, Cllr Tulip Siddiq, seems to be getting complaints of a very similar nature.

I suspect that some people would be complaining, whatever the nature of the consultation, because they don't like the decision.


In answer to Ian below, the questionairre results are one of the things we consider, but there are also lots of other things e.g. available budgets, equality issues, operational practicality etc.  There is also the issue that many of the responses are mutually contradictory.  For instance, many people favoured shorter opening hours but keeping all 12 libraries; other people had short opening hours and poor quality book stock as their main complaint about the service.

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Ian Anstice said...

What is the purpose of the consultation if one does not listen to the views expressed?

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