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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Geographical Reach of Brent Libraries

One of the assumptions behind the opposition to Brent's Libraries Transformation Project appeared be the assumption that the 12 libraries we currently have are the optimal geographical distribution available, and that (especially for small children) walking is the only way to access a library.  I have refuted the walking point many times, but it is worth pointing out that the Transformation Project may well improve geographical accessibility for children.

This is because the enhanced outreach service will be made available in our primary schools as well as our seventeen children centres as well as the remaining libraries.  These have a much broader reach than the existing 12 libraries.  For instance, if you live in the Neasden part of Stonebridge, you are not within an easy walk of a library, at least not if you are a small child.  However, an outreach service at either the Harmony Children Centre or Mitchellbrook Primary School would be far more accessible than the status quo.


Anonymous said...

The attempts to make this proposal seem reasonable are failing miserably.

The fact that your own Party is divided on this says a lot. If you can't persuade them, how do you expect to persuade the residents of Brent?

Its time you reconsidered these closures. Young people are going to bear the brunt. Disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need to let the Children's Centres know about this 'outreach' service asap. Some centres are reducing the services they have to offer already as they are now responsible for two centres rather than one for example. Additional services, 'how?' is the response I am getting. Space is a problem as also is staffing. Who pays for this additional service/ How much will it cost? Who supervises access? One day a week? Five days a week? There's been a reduction in Willesden Green's 'outreach' already.

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