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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Former Kensal Rise Library

In the early hours of this morning, Council officers removed the contents of the former Kensal Rise library.  This is the last of the six libraries to be emptied.  The books and other equipment will be redistributed to Brent's six seven day a week libraries for use by Brent library users.

I notice that it is still being alleged that this affects the reverter.  In fact both Brent Council and All Souls College accept that the reverter was triggered some time ago.  This is an irreversible process that cannot be "frozen" or otherwise stayed.  The removal of the contents of the building has no bearing on the legal position.  This has been made clear to various campaigners repeatedly.  The action this morning was therefore simply the last stage in a process set in train by the Executive decision of April last year.


Anonymous said...

You are not a lawyer and your comments about the reverter are incorrect.
Whether the removal of the contents of the library has any bearng on the legal position is not something you can with any knowledge comment on.
What you have done in the early hours of the morning was a shameful act, the act of a devious philistine.
Cllr Butt gave assurances about the furniture and murals in the library, that they would not be removed. You were not at the meeting where he gave those assurances, which have turned out to be Brent lies.
You will pay for your arrogance and high handed treatment of this community.
Don't be having ambitions to be leader of the council, you'll be wasting your time.
Ann John didn't last and neither will you. The Labour Party needs to get rid of people like you. You are a disgrace to Labour values and you have destroyed a lot of Labour support in this community.

Anonymous said...

So, Butt lied then.

Are you looking for another ward to stand in 2014? You'll lose badly where you are.

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