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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Homework Clubs in Brent Libraries

Another area where Brent Library Services have not had the praise they deserve is in homework clubs.  All six Brent Libraries have homework clubs, and numbers have shot up since they started being run by a qualified teacher.  To me, this is confirmation that library services have a future provided we protect and enhance the quality of provision.  The alternative that others have suggested of preserving a shell of a service as the quality is steadily diluted is in my view a course of decline that will eventually prove fatal.


Anonymous said...

Your 'priorities' have made the service a 'shell of a service'. Who would disagree that a qualified teacher running a homework club is a bad idea. You could have done this a long time ago instead of running down the service. You still haven't grasped the idea that people like their 'community' services local and will fight to keep tham so. So much in Brent is mismanaged and so much money is wasted.

Martin Francis said...

The Friday night homework club at Neasden Library was a thriving and much needed local resource for children from local schools including the three form entry Braintcroft Primary that may soon be expanded. There was also much valued internet acess at the library. Willesden Green Library is too far for independent travel by primary pupils. This is not a rich area and many families lack internet access at home. The closure has deprived them of educational opportunity.

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