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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A BREEAM Outstanding Civic Centre, Economic Effects

I promised some more detailed  descriptions of the Brent Council Civic Centre, so I thought one might as well start with the wider economic benefits.  One of the conditions of BREEAM status is locally sourced materials, so local companies are benefiting ina very direct way.  When I attended the topping out ceremony, the SKANSKA representative pointed out that the site employed residents living in 20 of Brent's 21 wards.

Additionally, the smaller companies that have unsuccessfully bid for contracts now have a better understanding of the language of public procurements, so they should be better placed to win contracts in future.

In terms of the overall economy of Wembley, the Civic Centre will help to contribute to the flow of activity throughout the day.  The Stadium is both the blessing and curse of Wembley.  It attracts huge numbers of visiters, but only when events are on.  The Civic Centre will help to attract people all the year round, which will help local retailers and therefore employment.

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