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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Moving Harlesden Jubilee Clock

There has been some debate about moving the Harlesden Jubilee Clock, as part of the redevelopment of Harlesden Town Centre.  The actual proposal is coming before the next Planning Committee.  This seems to me to be quite a minor issue in the context of a £5 million development.  After all, the clock has been moved twice already in its lifetime.  What do other people think?


I don't think moving the clock will have any great impact.  It should just make it easier to get buses down Harlesden High Street.  Before complaining about how expensive the redevelopment is take a look at the opportunities...

We have a chance to improve lots of things about our area here.  The Harlesden area should get a civic focus in front of the Methodist Church.  Waste collection, which is a huge issue around Harlesden Town Centre, should improve.  We could reduce traffic congestion which is a major source of annoyance, Most kinds of disability access should be improved.  There may even be improvements to street cleaning, since cracked and broken pavements are harder to clean than even ones.


Unknown said...

What impact will the move of the clock have on the center? I assume it is to make room for the stupidly expensive development?

Anonymous said...

This is the new position:

It is about 3-metres away from where it is now.


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