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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Positive News on Street Lighting?

I thought I would vary my generally gloomy look at Brent Council's budget items with one that sound a bit more cheery.  One of the projects is to replace existing Brent street lighting with LEDs.  I have suggested this sort of thing before.  Previously, the cost of the new equipment has been assessed as outweighing the potential savings, but technology constantly changes and maybe the newer equipment will be more cost effective.  It would also have the effect of reducing carbon emissions, which would be a notable extra benefit.  Effective delivery of this option would be crucially dependent on the skills of Brent's procurement experts.

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Anonymous said...

Prediction: Brent Council invests huge monies in new eco-friendly and energy saving street-lighting. Then decides not to turn them on at all as a result of further expected budget cuts. Result: yet more waste.

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