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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Willesden Library Opening Yesterday

The official opening of The Library at Willesden yesterday was fun.  The BBC reported it here.  They correctly link the new Library at Willesden to the successful court action back in 2011.  This is fair.  Building a new library at Willesden was a natural part of the philosophy behind the whole Libraries Transformation Project.  I get the impression that some of the opponents of the Libraries Transformation still don't really get that.  I hope that now they can see what a success the new library is, they will learn to love Brent libraries. 

At the opening, the ground floor featured a floor show with an extraordinary fusion dance troupe who I haven't seen before.

As well as the St Michael and All Angels steel band, who I have seen before, and who are fantastic:

Meanwhile it was also good to see a temporary use for the saved library fragment, now renamed the "Reading Room", it seems:

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