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Monday, 9 May 2016

Academies and Brent Labour Group

The government's u-turn over forced academisation is not all that it seems.  It really represents a slow down rather than a full reversal, as academisation can still be pushed through for schools are deemed to be "failing".  This is still very much a live battleground, but one on which Brent Council fails to have a clear position.

It is worth remembering that only four years ago Brent Labour Group pursued a policy to limit academisation.  This was a bit subtler than simply trying to say no to all academies.  It was based on an offer designed to maintain key features of the present system, whilst accepting the need to accept the government's language in order to pay for school places.

There has never been any formal abandonment of this position.  If anything it is more in line with the views of Lucy Powell than it seemed to be with her predecessors under Ed Miliband.  Yet Brent no longer seeks to prevent academisation.  For instance, Furness primary school has seen no efforts to prevent it becoming an academy.

I know that a number of members of the Group are unhappy about this, and I hope they consider this when casting their votes for the future leader of the Group.  I would also advise them to think about how trustworthy any pledges they recieve might be. 

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  1. But the challenger to the leadership was also previously lead member for Children and Families and failed to act on academisation, as the bitterly disappointed parents at Gladstone Park will tell you.