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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Barham Trust Returns Yet Again

Martin Francis tells us that Paul Lorber is trying to whip people up to attend the next Barham Trust meeting.  Back in October 2015, the Trust decided to rent out a small part of the building complex to Paul Lorber's organisation.  Despite the length of time which has passed, it seems that a lease has still not been signed.  Paul Lorber told a meeting I attended in Willesden Library that nonetheless he had been in occupation of the site since March, and although he had permission only to use it for storage his activities had been more extensive than that.

Back in October, I suggested that his real intention was simply to use the site to stir up trouble.  This was based on my knowledge of him over many years, including his previous acrobatics relating to Barham Park leases.  Indeed, he also engaged in all sorts of games during the Libraries Transformation Project process

In fact, if the Committee (which has not published its agenda at the time of writing) is going to award a lease I suspect most of the meeting and the documents will be with held _ as they are likely to contain financial information.

It all seems a rather odd way of doing things.

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