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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Harlesden Post Office Closure

I am surprised that this Post Office closure story has not had more attention.  In the past, Post Office closures have been a hot topic, with the Liberal Democrats and Labour both campaigning on the issue.  Although I recall the Liberal Democrats confessing their ineffectual nature, and the Tories actually welcoming closure.

Unless the services are relocated nearby, the closure could have a negative impact on Harlesden Town Centre, which is already suffering from the Royal Oak closure.

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  1. There's a good reason why Lib Dems have been particularly shy about PO closures; the plan that is causing so much chaos was under the direct control of Vince Cable and Ed Davey.

    Splitting Royal Mail from Post Office Limited was always going to leave PO vulnerable, and slashing PO pay by 60% whilst expecting 60% extra opening hours was lunacy from the off.

    The entire plan was predicated on additional Govt business coming to fill the gap, but instead we have seen its erosion; DVLA alone is only 10% of the PO business it was only 3 or 4 years ago.

    Banks are closing hundreds of branches and telling people to use the PO for their face to face banking needs - what happens when PO's close too??? The affected areas tend to be small, rural and bereft of public transport. Talk about financial exclusion!!

    Happily for politicians, individual PO closures cause local pain and outrage, but dont gain much traction nationwide. There are already over 750 PO's closed - euphemistically termed "temporarily" closed by Post Office Limited.

    Vince and Ed will have overseen the destruction of 11,000 small independent businesses, but at least the banks are OK.

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