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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Brent Libraries Visits and Loans Up Yet Again

The annual figures for Brent libraries visits and loans are up yet again.  Visits went up by 1.3% on the previous year and loans increased by 0.5%, so a more modest increase than in previous years.  Here is a graph showing visits since the decision to pursue the Libraries Transformation Project in 2011. 

That is a contrast between 1,506,982 visits when there were twelve libraries in 2011, and 2,436,698 visits with six libraries today.  That represents a rise of just over 61% over the course of the entire period.

A similar graph for loans shows a more modest rise from 985,590 loans from twelve libraries back in 2011 to 1,063,996 loans in 2016/17.  That is an eight per cent rise. 

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