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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Return to Manor Park Works Site

As I pointed out before one of the Kensal Green councillors is seeking to organise protests against the Manor Park Works redevelopment on the grounds that it is too big whilst ignoring the much larger proposed development of 2 Scrubs Lane.

This is odd, as Brent has specifically said it wants the Manor Park Works site redeveloped as housing.  According to Brent Council's documents, the site would have 45 units which is somewhat above what Brent planners had as an indicative figure, but not drastically so.  An email in circulation makes what appears to be a false claim that there will be "a hundred bedrooms" which is higher than the figures in the planning documents and states that 150 people would live there (a figure which seems to have been plucked from the air).  I really don't think that public debate is helped by inserting random and/or untrue figures.  The same document objects to the lack of green space, as if it were remotely possible to develop that site with green space.

Councillors really do not to think about development in a much more coherent and consistent manor than they appear to be currently doing.

UPDATE 10.10.17

Actually a 20 storey building on 2 Scrubs Lane would be visible from pretty much everywhere in southern Brent, including anywhere near Harlesden Town Centre.  The application is to be decided tomorrow.  I also find it odd that the councillor in question is objecting to a seven storey building as too tall but has expressed no objection to a twenty storey building in the same ward.

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Unknown said...

I am happy and grateful that at least one Brent Councillor is helping to stand up for Harlesden. As proposed these 8 storeys high modern buildings will tower over anything else remotely in the eyeline. The look, feel and the reality of Harlesden as a Victorian market town, with a history of habitation going back to the Domesday Book is what we hope and trust will give us, the local community, an opportunity for an edge over the modernness of the Old Oak Common development. We do not want that damaged by such out of character developments as this looming up over our town at this, or any, stage. 2 Scrubs Lane is also of concern, but the planners seem adamant about high rise down Scrubs Lane and at least it is not within the vista of our Harlesden Town Centre.

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