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Friday, 23 October 2009

Sleaze at the London Fire Authority

Boris Johnson's cronies at the London Fire Authority (LFEPA) get ever more unedifying. A Labour defector and two suspended Tory councillors (including Brent's Bertha Joseph) have used their votes to give the Tories a one vote majority.

Brian Coleman, who is possibly even more revolting than Bertha Joseph, will use this majority to push through various controversial measures in defiance of workforce opposition. This includes changing shift patterns, removing beds in fire stations, removing diversity officers, and installing a new private entrance at the LFEPA headquarters at I don't know what expense. Only yesterday, I went to a meeting with the police where they emphasised the necessity of understanding diversity issues when dealing with a community like Brent.

Bertha's payoff in all this is get appointed Deputy Chair, where she will will recieve an enhanced allowance to partly make up for what Brent is no longer paying her following her suspension.


  1. Thank you for this write-up. I will flag it up at:

  2. Now that Bertha has been cleared , are you going to apologise for your nasty uncalled for comments. It is a great day for us to have our cllr back and able to do her job. Cannot wait to vote her in again next elections.

    Perhaps you may post this in the spirit of fairness after all you made enough of the suspension, now you must comment on her clearing her name. After all they would not have lifted her suspension if they did not think she could clear her name fully, and Brent were wrong in their actions. We all saw this as a political move to stop her being elected in the next election. Many congratulations to Cllr Joseph on the standards board decision.