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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bertha Joseph Appeals

I just got told today that Bertha Joseph is appealing her suspension as a councillor, which unfortunately means that her suspension is lifted while the Adjudication Board considers it. Hopefully they will be swift inconfirming the original punishment. As I understand it, she is not appealing the facts of the case. She has admitted that she solicited money which she then spent on herself rather than using it to benefit a Downs Syndrome Charity and Hospice for terminally ill children. Instead she is arguing that suspending her for six months is too harsh a penalty. Personally, I think it is pretty light.

Because of the shenanigans on the LFEPA, she has actually ended up being paid more since she was found guilty of taking the money than she was before. Quite how rewarding someone who uses their office to enrich themselves and then seeks to cast the blame on Council officers ties in with the supposed Tory plans to clean up the reputation of politics is beyond me.

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Anonymous said...

Dear cllr, I have looked through your blog and to my dismay , the amount of column inches devoted to your peek at cllr Joseph is out of proportion with the rest of the issues covered. Yet the burning issues in our community are barely addressed. Can I ask what is your position over Roundwood Lodge, as this is a high interest issue locally. Effectively the local councillore have been silent as the Lib dems are trying to get back rent on the cafe. Why are you not commenting on this issue on your blog . Which from my reading expends a lot of your energy point scoring against the other councillor's from other parties. Please get involved and show the liberals that they cannot take away our cafe by stealth tactics. Roundwood Lodge was a favourite with Labour when in power, yet out of power you will see it become a victim of Liberal greed. Just look at our services and our finances in Brdnt znd ask yourself are they getting anything right, and this is a big wrong for our community. Joan . Kensal Green

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