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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Willesden Junction Station Approach

As a result of this blog I got contacted about the shoddy state of Station Approach (the road leading to the main ticket office at Willesden Junction station).

The original concern was the large puddle that forms on the Harlesden side of the road. This can be about four foot wide and covers the width of the pavement, forcing people to step into the road or get their feet soaked.

However, going down Station Approach last Sunday, I glanced at the other side of the road. I had long noticed that the road surface was peeling, but there was also a virtual lake of rainwater covering half the road.

The pavement on that side of Station Approach is also badly torn up, creating a trip hazard.

There is also general disrepair as you can see from these weeds growing on the kerb. Remember Willesden Junction is supposed to be the eastern gateway of the Park Royal estate and is also a major approach to Harlesden Town Centre. Surely it doesn’t need to look this shoddy?

As I have mentioned before (e.g. over the Hythe Road public footpath), the problem is that the various boundaries make it very hard to hold the owner of the road to account. I have been told that it is Network Rail, and I am currently trying to get this confirmed.

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chrisgarvey said...

Thank you so much for high-lighting this issue of Willesden Junction Station Approach with some great photo's. Sooner or later there is going to be an accident from people having to walk in the road when it rains with so many buses and heavy vehicles passing by. (The whole layout was badly designed in the first place as the pavements are too narrow). I will be amazed if you are able to get any public body to do the repairs as I have tried in the past and been passed from pillar to post between brent, ealing, hammersmith councils, TFL, London Overground, and Network Rail who all denied any responsibilty and blamed each other. I must say it makes a refreshing change that you highlight issues in your blog which really matter to the people who live and work in the area.

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