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Thursday, 6 October 2011

EBooks and Libraries

Whilst waiting for a date to be set for the Libraries judgement, I read that Nottinghamshire County Council are due to start charging for each time they lend an ebook. This is a fundametally unwelcome change in library provision.  To my mind an ebook is just another form of book, so charging for each loan goes against the whole ethos of a free library service.  It as if you started charging for loans of hardbacks, whilst claimi9ng that you were still providing a proper service via free loans of paperbacks.

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Sagar Shah said...

Oh, that's an interesting headline. It either implies that you actually wrote part/all of the Libraries Transformation Consultation Report or that you've picked up the poor writing from the report.

The correct capitalisation is "eBooks" not "EBooks".

I'm glad you are against charging for eBooks, however it will be interesting to see what evil charging models the publishers will invent to suck money from Council's that abandon printed books in local libraries in favour of centralised libraries and eBooks for everyone else who can't afford the time and money to visit a centralised library they didn't ask for.....

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