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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cllr David Clues

David Clues faces criticism for remaining as a councillor after moving to Brighton.  The Brent and Kilburn Times story appears to be inspired by Cllr Reg Colwill, who is calling on Revd Clues to stand down.  I find this somewhat inconsistent as Cllr Colwill's own Conservative Group has a councillor who does not live in the Borough.  Cllr H M Patel, representing Northwick Park, was perfectly entitled to stand in legal terms, but he actually lives in Harrow, so he will help set the Brent Council Tax, without paying it himself.  In the Labour Party, people who do not live in a local authority area are not allowed to put themselves forward as Labour candidates.


Anonymous said...

What is Labour policy if they move out after becoming a councillor as in the Clues case?

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. Both Cllr Clues and Cllr Patel should not be Brent Cllrs. The latter is barely seen around the area. We only see McLennan out there and writing in our local press. Cllr Baker is unknown here. But Cllr Clues should step down. Can the full council not vote on something like this??

Anonymous said...

What about Labour Cllr Judith Beckman - I expect you will be asking her to step down too?

It would only be fair wouldn't it as she has moved out of the area.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous poster above clearly doesnt know Brent very well at all. Cllr Patel works in Brent and lives literally right on the border. He spends more time in Brent than most councillors and is incredibly hard working. What does James Powney have to say about the case of Labour Councillor Judith Beckman who has abandoned Brent, lives miles away and yet still claims her substantial allowances? Will she be stepping down? Does this not contradict Cllr Powney's words above?

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