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Sunday, 16 December 2012


Just approved a couple of comments to this blog.  My policy is to approve unless there is a positive reason not to e.g. Libel, offensiveness etc.

However, I am often struck by the certainty of the comments and their anonymity.  They often make factual statements without evidence (for example, the idea that I or other members did not challenge the WLWA accounts, which is flatly untrue).  They are also remarkable in that the people making them fail to identify themselves. The comments I post here are clearly attributable to me. Why don't other people choose to stand up for what they say they believe in?

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Martin Francis said...

As another user of blogspot for blogging I think this is partly a problem with the process involved in making a comment. It appears that the easiest way of doing it is to use the final 'anonymous' option. People have contacted me when they have got stuck on the other options which require a Google account, URL etc. I don't think we can conclude that they want to hide behind anonymity but it can look that way. Perhaps we should encourage them to add a name to their comment - thus:

Martin Francis
Martin Francis

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