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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Social Networking and it's Annoyances

I recall many years ago I set up a Facebook account in order to access a particular site. My usage (such as it was) ceased with that site. Nonetheless, I continue to get a stream of marketing rubbish from Facebook to this day.  I am sure that the same would be true of twitter and so on.

With phone numbers, which also used to be plagued in this way, one could sign up for  This stands for telephone preference service and allows the user to block out much of this annoyance. Indeed, even the companies themselves appear to have worked out that the calls are counterproductive and given up. How much longer before Facebook wakes up to the same message?

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Anonymous said...

So close the account. Simple. Or change your preferences. Also simple.

And do please learn when an apostrophe is appropriate and grammatically correct.

I see that none of your posts over the last few weeks indicate you've started to talk to real people, either.

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