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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Willesden Green Library Centre Rebuild Begins

I see the hoardings have now been put up around Willesden Green Library Centre.  It will be good for the building work to finally get going.  I hope people will agree with me that the interim library service at the Lewinson Centre is very good.  I know that the library staff put a great deal of thought into how to do it.  Crucially, it is very close to the existing Library Centre, which should make it much better used than the interim service during the rebuild of Harlesden Library.

I am not sure that the significance of the Willesden Green Library Centre is fully appreciated in terms of Willesden Green and it's potential for regeneration.  Willesden High Road has seen some improvements over the past few years, but at the moment it doesn't really have a unique selling point in the way Ealing Road has its various Asian offerings, Harlesden High Streets it's food shops and Kilburn High Road the Tricycle.  The new cultural centre, if it works as it should, could be that kind of draw to reinvigorate the High Road.

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