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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wembley Library a Great Success

As we are quite a long way into the year, I decided to look at our library performance.  Year to date, up to the end of August, we continued the improvement from last year.  We had 630,446 visits, an improvement of 11.6% on the same period the previous year.  We also had 407,563 book loans, an increase of 1.3%.

There has been a big fall off in numbers at Willesden library during its rebuild, although the interim library service remains Brent's second most popular in terms of visits.  The other notable thing is that the new Wembley Library has been a massive success.  In its first two full months of operation (July and August), it has 103,991 visits and 36,754 loans.  The former Town Hall library in the same period last year had only 41,717 visits and 20,141 loans.

The success of the Wembley Library is despite all the building work that is still going on around the Civic Centre.

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