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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Wheelchair Access at the Civic Centre

The other day a disabled person tried to access Brent Civic Centre and was told to bring their own wheelchair.  After protests, a wheelchair was provided for a subsequent visit.

This strikes me as very poor practice.

 A certain proportion of Brent residents need to use wheelchairs.  In a public facility such as the Civic Centre, we should keep a few chairs available for use.  That seems plain common sense.

Hopefully, we will buy whatever number seems needed and just make them available in future.


Wheelchair Access said...

Seems very strange that someone would be requested to bring their own wheelchair to a centre, but at least this had been protested and change will be made

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the assumption is, that to get to the centre the person needs to use some form of assistance - which could be a wheelchair, and so what ever assistance they used to get them into the centre, would still be available to them when they travel around the centre.

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