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Friday, 2 May 2014

Lack of Debate

The stereotype of election campaigns are that they are supposed to be opportunities for debate, with the various candidates putting forward proposals.  Sadly I don't think this is really true either in Westminster or locally in Brent.  The specious promises of the Liberal Democrats are one such indication.

As is well known, Brent is facing swingeing cuts from central government on top of those we have already endured, but I see little sign of any debate as to what the options are for dealing with them.  The more obvious changes have already been implemented.  Over the last four years, the main mechanism in Brent has been the One Council programme.  This has delivered more than £70 million in savings, and in some cases led to considerable service improvements.  However, few future projects have been identified for the One Council work programme

I also detect a general unwillingness to face up to the tens of millions that need to be found, or the difficult decisions that will be inevitable in finding solutions.  The longer such questions are put off the more difficult will be the final reckoning. 

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