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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Study Spaces in Brent Libraries

One of the concerns with the original Libraries Transformation Project, and especially the decision to redevelop Willesden Library, was around study spaces.  I mentioned before that I am not sure how far Brent has actually met this need.  The plan for dealing with it was comprehensive (from the original papers to the Executive):

Study space and computers
3.8 Study space is a key part of the interim servi ce and during the 2012 exam
period space will be provided from the current WGLC
3.9 On an average day, staff observation shows that just under half of the study
spaces and computers are in use at any one time (60 of the 130 study spaces
and 20 of the 37 public internet pcs). During the exam period of April – June 
more of the spaces are used. The interim service delivery strategy has been
designed to match this provision as closely as possible. We have organised a
minimum of 50 spaces on a day to day basis: 
•10 PCS and 10 spaces at the temporary Grange Road library
•Further additional PCs and spaces in the alternative premises in Willesden
•20 extra spaces at Kilburn library
•5 extra spaces at Ealing Road
•5 extra spaces at Town Hall
3.10 In addition, during exam time, we are negotiating for a further 80 spaces. At
least 30 in the redevelopment of Roundwood Youth Centre (opening in the
summer of 2012) and a further 50 spaces in a nearby premises. These will be
supplemented by an additional 40 spaces at the new Civic Centre in Wembley.
This will be closely monitored and if necessary we will continue to negotiate
with local venues for further study spaces. 
The "alternative premises in Willesden Green" are the Lewinson Centre, where a tenancy was still under negotiation at the time.  I am not sure if the Roundwood Youth Centre deal actually came off , but the aim was effectively to have more spaces than at the starting point.

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