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Friday, 6 February 2015

The Queensbury and Local Listing

I had a recent exchange on twitter about the local listing of The Queensbury in Willesden.  This was actually covered a long time ago at the Planning Committee meeting of 19 February 2015 (see page 3 of the minutes).  The actual document we were discussing is hard to find, as it is buried away in a supplementary

According to the Save The Queensbury Group, they had been promised this review of locally listed buildings, but not been told about it, which seems rather slack.  However, as the documents show, it did happen, although The Queensbury was not listed.

The Save Queensbury group feel this disadvantages them in the Planning Inquiry that has just finished.  I am more skeptical.  Local listing merely means that the officers point out to the Committee that a building is considered of significance.  It is a "material consideration", but that in no way binds the Committee.  If you look at the list in the Supplementary, some buildings are there to be taken off the list as they no longer exist.  It is therefore very different from a statutory listing, such as the former Dollis Hill House.  That requires permission from the Secretary of State, which can be very hard to obtain

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