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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Willesden Library Goes from Strength to Strength

I understand that in its first two week s of operation, Willesden Library had about 17,000 visits.  That compares to an average of just over ten thousand during an average fortnight for the interim services.  However I am confident that, like Wembley Library, it will build up over time. 

This is because at first opening, many of its features were not in place.  Since then it has opened its archive, art gallery and quiet study area.  The performance space has now been completed.  That and a number of other spaces are now available for hire.  I am not sure whether that includes the lecture theatre.  As more and more events are held people will become used to using the new centre and that should drive up usage.  Similarly, the Brent Museum is currently not fully functioning in terms of its interactive exhibits.  Once they are available, that should again drive more usage.  Again, finishing the building work around the library should be helpful, as I believe builder's debris outside a site tends to put people off going in.  The last big thing needed for the centre will be the new cafe, which is due to sell Fairtrade products as part of its procurement criteria.  That will help create a welcoming atmosphere of the kind you can find at Wembley Library. 

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