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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Brent Library Visits at their Highest Level for Years

I thought it would be interesting to see a slightly longer term perspective on visits to Brent Libraries, so I have dug out the CIPFA figures.  The graph above shows that Brent library visits are now at their highest level since at least 2007/08.  The latest full year figure is 28.8% higher than the start of series.  The latest half year figures give me confidence that this year and the following year will be even higher, thanks largely to the success of Willesden Library

The earlier part of the series shows visit numbers bumping up and down, in a way that is consistent with a service muddling along.  It is interesting that the opening of the new library at Kingsbury in 2008 and of the extensively remodelled Harlesden Library in March 2010 don't seem to have made much of an impact on the overall figures.  That is quite different from the post 2011 experience where new facilities have driven the growth in numbers, although it is somewhat masked by the construction period.  Nonetheless, I find it striking that the closure of six libraries in October 2011 is followed by a growing upward trend in library visits.

The full table of figures is here:

Year Visits to Brent Libraries, 2007-2015 %Growth
2007/08                                                                                                     1,639,270
2008/09                                                                                                     1,573,326 -4.0%
2009/10                                                                                                     1,683,721 7.0%
2010/11                                                                                                     1,701,131 1.0%
2011/12                                                                                                            1,506,852 -11.4%
2012/13                                                                                                            1,526,095 1.3%
2013/14                                                                                                            1,654,807 8.4%
2014/15                                                                                                     2,112,149 27.6%

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