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Friday, 29 January 2016

Willesden Library Users Group

On Tuesday, I went to a meeting of Willesden Library users, which was full of interest, and rather different to some of the previous meetings I have been to about Willesden Green Library.  With one exception, the leading lights of the anti-Library campaign were absent.  I guess now it is there, they want to protest about other things.  They have often given me the impression that the experience of protest is more important to them than any actual objective.

The atmosphere on Tuesday was quite different.  Certainly there were niggles, such as the IT not always working well and the limited signage, but overall it was a group of people who wanted the library to work rather than people who wanted to throw rocks.  

Anyway, the meeting had quite a lot of information, much more than I can cover in one post, so I will be doing several on this subject over the next few days.

One thing to look out for is that Brent is launching a new Cultural Strategy from 1 February.

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