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Saturday 9 April 2016

Brent Library Visits Up for Fifth Consecutive Year

Brent Libraries have seen both visits and loans go up for yet another year.  Here are the visit figures:

The Council's Libraries Transformation Project, which closed six libraries to concentrate resources on a smaller number of buildings, began in 2011 (the first column in the series).  The actual visit figures are at the bottom of this post.

The growth in book loans is less dramatic, but still significant, given the gloomy national picture.  Note the higher baseline in this graph to better illustrate the movement in the numbers.

Thus, visits have gone up by 59.6% since the Transformation Project began and loans by 7.5%.  At the same time user satisfaction is higher

The Actual Figures 

Apologies for the weird formatting.  I will try to sort it out at a later date. 

YearVisits to Brent Libraries, 2011-2016% Growth
2011/12                                                                                                           1,506,852
2012/13                                                                                                           1,526,095 1.3%
2013/14                                                                                                           1,654,807 8.4%
2014/15                                                                                                    2,112,149 27.6%
2015/16                                                                                                    2,404,283 13.8%

Year Loans from Brent Libraries, 2011-2016 % Growth
2011/12        985,590
2012/13        963,188 -2.3%
2013/14        996,890 3.5%
2014/15                                                                                                     1,021,180 2.4%
2015/16                                                                                                     1,059,083 3.7%


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