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Sunday 17 April 2016

Ignorance is Bliss

Martin Francis is continuing his interest in the internal workings of Brent Labour Group.  As Martin is self-confessedly a strongly anti-Labour man, his comments always need to be taken with a hefty dose of salt. 

Nonetheless, I was struck by his suggestion that: "Muhammed Butt is disclaiming any knowledge of what is going on and referred any concerned colleagues to London region" with reference to the suspension of a Labour councillor in the run up to the May AGM.  One might ask whether a Group Leader who is unaware that a member of his group has been suspended is in any sense leading his group.

The suggestion that Cllr Butt is unaware is obviously untrue since the suspension will have been triggered by a request from the Group Leadership for a suspension of the councillor concerned.  In other words, Cllr Butt will have made the request that he now claims to have no knowledge of.

What surprises me is that he has got away with this line on many previous occasions _ disclaiming any knowledge of sacking a former Chief Executive, closing Kensal Rise Library, closing the Stonebridge Adventure Playground, and many others.  It seems to be his default response whenever asked to defend a position.  We shall see if Labour councillors are content to continue putting up with this.

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