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Friday, 8 April 2011

Library Mythology

Some myths appear to be growing about the Libraries Transformation Report, judging from the emails I have started getting. 

The first is that the report has no equalities analysis.  Anyone who knows Brent Council would find this unlikely and if you look at the web site you can indeed find extensive information on equalities

A second myth is that the various proposals have not been subjected to serious analysis.  Again the web site has reports on each of them, and the report itself explains that a team of officers conducted an appraisal process in each case.  There is a related story that Brent Council has not been willing to engage with groups.  In fact I have met with people a number of times, and officers have repeatedly sent detailed figures and information on request.

A third suggestion is that Brent Council has not been responding to queries.  In fact an anonymised record of enquiries from the public can be found here.

Finally, people attending my surgery last Saturday had been told that Mr Tim Coates had arranged a meeting with Brent Council's Chief Executive to discuss Library issues.  When I asked about this, it turned out the Chief Executive had no idea who Tim Coates was, so I take it he has not even been approached.

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