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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Libraries Round Up

There are some characteristically intemperate comments on this post.  However, there are a couple of points worth clearing up.

1) The books and equipment removed from the former libraries are all being stored in the Library Services existing buildings, so clearly we do have sufficient room for them.

2) The books and equipment may well need some new shelving and reconfiguration in order to be displayed to best effect.  That is something the library staff are currently working on.

3) To the anonymous comment on 31 December, a number of campaigners have publicly stated that they would seek to prevent the Council from accessing its property in Preston Road and elsewhere, so asking for the Police to be present was entirely reasonable.  The books and equipment concerned were purchased by Brent Council for use by Brent library users; Brent Council has made an entirely lawful decision to follow a particular strategy in managing its library service, and is entitled to implement it.  The legal action of the litigants has simply sought to obstruct this strategy.

4) The library staff, who run Brent's library service, have done an excellent job in maintaining that service despite the constant attempts of a small and unrepresentative group of people to obstruct them.

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Anonymous said...

There is still an appeal against what the borough is doing, so you should not have started going into any of the library sites until all legal avenues have been completed. in fact you should not have even closed them until all legal issuues are resolved (but you as the council behaving as you have, flawed consultation as it was, you still ignored the wishes of the brent residents. not surprised in the slightest) however... leave them alone now. lets get it all sorted out before you do any more cultural and educational vandalism...

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