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Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Plan for Station Approach

There has been some slight progress on Station Approach.  There is now a working group, with Network Rail, led by TfL.  This has taken on board the points made by Brent Council.  As a result, there is some prospect of improvements to the road.  I gather we have suggested taking away the useless pedestrian guardrails that force people to step into road.  We have also suggested widening the pavement on the northern (Harlesden) side, and widening the road.  Space for this would be created by taking away the pavement on the southern side, which no one uses.

My main fears in achieving this would be getting the budget for paying for the works, and possible delays if Network Rail feel they need to do work on the embankment.

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Anonymous said...

Almost certainly the residents association and others in the housing south of the main railway lines, in Ealing, would object to removing the pavement on the south side. People DO use it, and it is safer than trying to cross at the main road junction. Some people do not even NEED to cross Station Approach anyway, because they are going to the bus stop, not the station.

They must be consulted.

Also, it is unlikely that the southern footpath could carry the weight of buses without piling into the enbankment to support the surface. In which case, why not wait a year or two, to get a bigger budget, and get the job done properly?

This is a picture in south London, to show the sort of standard we should aim for:

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