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Monday, 13 October 2014

Displacement Activity and the Brent Budget

Today's Executive considers in general terms the severe cuts that face the Council over the next three years, a further £57 million.  I am concerned that for the past two years, Brent has been drifting along, relaying on the savings from projects under way already.  Indeed, one can argue that mismanagement in the HR function has been wantonly making the financial situation worse.  I raised for some time the burgeoning spending in this area, but there appears to be a refusal to address the issue.  Whereas central government has caused these problems, local authorities are being forced to clear them up.  I worry that rather than grapple with these complexities, the Council is ignoring them and engaging in the displacement activity of a new Borough Plan. 


Actually I thought the drift started before I left the Executive in 2013.  A more likely date would be 2012.  It is now up to the current councillors and Executive to come up with a strategy.  I have a much easier time observing from outside and commenting.

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  1. Ever since you left the drift goes on - when will you return to save the day?