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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Fracking and Brent Council

GetWestLondon has a story on Brent Council and fracking here.  It mistakenly refers to the Council as "anti-fracking".   Although there has been a press release to that effect, there haven't actually been any changes in planning policy.  Any changes should, I think, appear in this document and I can't see any. 

Fracking in Brent has never struck me as a major concern, since my understanding is that Thames Valley clay is not suitable for fracking (as Brent Council appears to confirm).  I do find it odd that a group demands an anti-fracking stance.  The Council Leader pledges to devote legal resources against fracking, and then nothing is done.  It is even odder that this is being done despite the nature of the Brent soil meaning that no fracking will take place anyway.  It is as if everyone is just operating in a realm of fantasy.

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