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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Further Wembley Update

It is a while since I last updated on the Civic Centre and the surrounding Wembley area.  Progress is now well established towards achieving a Wembley that does more than simply revolve around Wembley Stadium, welcome though that facility is.

Most recently a plan for a new theatre a little to the north of the Civic Centre has been announced.  I am not sure where the mooted Travelodge is intended to be sited, but it sounds like it could add to the Wembley mix in a good way.  I also see that the Police are opening a contact point in the London Designer Outlet, which surprises me as it is not that far from their base on Rutherford Way.  To reiterate a point I have made before, having a good mix of uses in the area will help avoid the problem we had with the old Stadium of a huge amount of activity on a football match day followed by nothing at other times.  These other attractions _ including the housing, shops, Wembley Library and the Civic Centre itself _ will help keep a steady flow of activity in the area.

It also looks as if more of the Civic Centre will be rented out, on top of the existing agreement with Air France, as the Council workforce shrinks.  Whereas this is a melancholy reflection on the downgrading of local government, it does reflect an even stronger financial case for the Civic Centre than argued previously.

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