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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Shared Mortuary Services with Barnet

I am intrigued to see a note for the next Brent Council Cabinet agenda that seems to argue for a shared mortuary service with Barnet.  This idea has been floating around for years.  However I thought it had been rejected by Barnet.  It now appears not.

The logic is that the number of deaths in London is declining so falling demand makes this a good area for more shared services.  It would be interesting to learn if Barnet will be making a capital contribution to upgrading the mortuary facilities in Northwick Park, since I assume Barnet will get a capital receipt from the sale of the old mortuary building.  It is a shame that the Brent web site does not give more detail.


The Brent Council site has now been updated.  The situation is as I suggested.

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