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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Visits to Wembley Library

I mentioned that the extrordinary success of Brent Libraries is linked to the growth in Wembley Library numbers.  It is worth seeing just how dramatic the improvement at Wembley has been in graphic form.

That growth in numbers probably puts Wembley Library in the country's top ten libraries.  The first two years show the visit numbers for the Brent Town Hall library.  The third column starts to show the effect of the new Wembley Library, which opened on 17 June 2013.  It shows growth of more than 200% on the previous year.  The final column shows the numbers for a full year of operation.  It is fortunate that the efforts to stop or downgrade Wembley Library failed.


Once again, there is a comment suggesting that the methodology of counting users is wrong.  I have dealt with this suggestion here.  I have also dealt with the even more far out suggestion that the growth in numbers is all down to fire drills here.  The methodology is defined by CIPFA and applies to all 151 library authorities in England.  If you don't like it, you can ask CIPFA to change it.  The point of having CIPFA using the same standard for all library services is so that meaningful comparisons can be made. 


I think this is the last comment I am going to publish on this subject as the anonymous poster simply refuses to accept the facts.  The CIPFA methodology applies to all library authorities, and Brent meets their criteria.  That is just the way it is.  There is nothing "dishonest" in that assertion.  The simple fact is that Brent's Library Transformation Project was found to be entirely sound when examined in exhaustive detail by the High Court, and the subsequent satisfaction ratings and user & loan figures confirm its success. 


  1. You still have not said how you disaggregate the numbers of people who pass through the library counters that are not using the library but working in/visiting the Civic Centre.
    Very hard to trust the accuracy of the figures when they include other uses.

  2. I do not think that CIPFA would agree with your counting methods if they are inaccurate - the fire drill was merely raised as an example of potentially inflated figures and there was not a suggestion at all that the stated increase was due simply to fire drills- the same regarding visitors and staff being included in library usage figures when they are clearly not using the library merely walking past it.
    If a point is made do you think you could focus on the point and not obfuscate the issue with your dishonest insinuations.

  3. What what are you saying to Mo Butt having yet another photo in the Library he voted to close with your Transformation Mr Powney??
    Must have made oyu so proud.