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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Brent Council and Pub Protection

Some time ago, the campaigners around The Queensbury started a call for Brent to adopt a "pub protection" policy.  This would not have had any actual effect on The Queensbury decision, which involved retention of the pub, but it is commonly advocated in other authorities.  The Queensbury campaigners, however, claim to have encountered considerable obstruction by the Council.  This is despite their apparently being told by the Council Leader that he supported a pub protection policy.  I found it puzzling that, having apparently promised support, nothing was done to create such a policy _ which has certainly been done elsewhere.

What I had forgotten was the The Falcon Pub in Queens Park.  Brent is very keen to develop this site as part of the South Kilburn regeneration.  In fact, without that land, the whole development would grind to a halt across the whole of South Kilburn.  This gives an extra perspective as to why Brent Council has no great desire to strengthen planning protection for pubs. 

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