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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Success of the Library at Willesden

It is worth thinking about what a tremendous success the new Willesden Library Centre has been so far.  Anecdotally, I know many people think the range of activities are impressive, but lets look at the numbers as well.

Here are the visits:

Here are the issues:

I have included the July figures as the new library did actually open the doors in July.  That month shows a comparatively modest change.  The following three months hsow the enormous difference a new facility can make, even though it was surrounded by building works up to the middle of September. 

The detailed figures for the graphs above are here:

Visits 2014 2015 % Growth
July               20,347               23,143 13.7%
August               19,293               31,003 60.7%
September               19,698               38,496 95.4%
October               20,254               39,492 95.0%

Issues 2014 2015 % Growth
July                 9,066               10,972 21.0%
August                 8,158               17,181 110.6%
September                 8,651               18,219 110.6%
October                 8,499               17,260 103.1%

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