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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Improving Harlesden Town Centre

Noting my post a couple of days ago, some one suggested to me that the block of flats on the corner of Rucklidge Avenue and Park Parade ( the old Willesden Social Club site) is not especially beautiful.  I agree it is not, although it is a lot better than when it was derelict land, and still doesn't look too bad to me.  Here is the front:

Here is a view from the back:

It tapers down toward the properties on Rucklidge avenue for privacy reasons.  The more important thing about the development is that it improves that part of Harlesden Town Centre.  Removing the derelict land designs out an area of anti-social behavior.  The planning enforcement at the Green Man helps with some of the activity associated with that building, and the natural overlooking of Design Works by the people in the new flats will help limit complaints of misbehaviour there.  All of this contributes, albeit incrementally, to the improvement of the Town Centre.

As the planning powers of local authorities are limited, and the resources available for strategic planning slide downward, taking advantage of small incremental improvements becomes ever more important. 

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