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Friday, 7 October 2016

Cllr Mike Pavey Resigns

News reaches me that Cllr Mike Pavey has resigned from the Brent Council Executive, citing incompability with Cllr Butt.  It is highly unusual for councillors to resign from the Executive in this way.  The last example was Cllr Perrin in 2014, again because of incompatibility with Cllr Butt. I can't recall any such case before then.

Since becoming leader four and a bit years ago Cllr Butt has got through three Chief Executives, virtually the entire senior officer team, numerous members of the Executive, including three deputies, at least five political assistants, and half a dozen Labour Party organisers.  The recent report investigating his conduct remarked on the "evident animosity" between Cllr Butt and the London Labour Party.

As the Labour Group gathers for its Budget away day tomorrow, perhaps they should reflect on that.

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  1. I think you spotted the problem. he's the angry man - used to call them bullies. how's he got away with it for so long? Silly, easy one that.