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Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Queensbury Controversy Returns

The redevelopment of The Queensbury site in Willesden is already being framed as a "battle" ahead of it being clear what the new developers' plans actually are.  I opposed the Fairview proposals in both their first and their second incarnations, but to oppose the new developer without seeing the actual proposal does seem over the top.  Some people just seem to oppose everything. 

That said, 48 units sounds worryingly similar to the previous rejected application.  That went to appeal, and if the developer is sensible the new proposals will take careful account of the Planning Inspector objections from last time

The object of the planning system is not to endlessly block development, but rather to regulate it so that it is sensible, and ensures that the area continues to develop in a balanced way.  That is essential in an area as dynamic as Brent.  To go to far in either alternative direction either leaves you with a kind of museum piece or a commercial free for all. 

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