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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Greens Going All Out Against New Housing

It is interesting that the Green Party appears to be going for full on opposition to new housing as shown by Sian Berry in this space.  Evidently, they have concluded that the kind of controversy whipped up over the Haringey One Development Vehicle is productive territory for them.

I don't know the details of that scheme.  Maybe it was as bad as some of its critics said, or maybe not.

I always thought it should be left to people in Haringey to make the decision either way.

What I am conscious of is how easy it can be to demonise and derail such plans, often by spreading misinformation or raising false expectations.  In the small example of Willesden Library a big petition was organised by people being given the impression that Brent Council was going to knock the Library down, build new flats and nothing else.  Given that they weren't told about the new Library it is not surprising that they signed a petition against.

I also remember all too vividly the way Camden people lost out on the Decent Housing allocation because they were falsely told that they could have the funding for repairs without accepting an ALMO.

To give people a vote after an informed debate is one thing, but to have a vote after a totally misinformed (and deliberately misleading) debate is another. 

I only wish that those who block new housing had the courage to face people live in overcrowded and totally inadequate conditions about why they blocked any realistic prospect of new housing anywhere.  My experience is that too often the opponents simply fade way after the damage is done. 

UPDATE 10.07.18

Some of the issues raised here are also referred to here.

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