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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Well Said Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant MP has protested against the Johnson government giving itself "emergency powers" to among other things arrest people for suspicion that they have Covid19.  The powers as mooted at present will last for two years.  He is right to denounce this.

This Prime Minster has repeatedly shown his contempt for parliamentary scrutiny and the rule of law, he cannot be trusted.  Nor should any government have the power to arrest people not because they have committed any criminal act but simply on the suspicion that they might be ill.

That said, I wonder how the government think they might use such a power.  Where would they put the arrested people? Back home, where they can walk out again?  In a police cell, when Brent and many other places simply don't have enough as was indicated in the 2011 riots?  In our notoriously overcrowded jails where they can infect everybody else?

It seems to me that our main defence of UK citizens against this government's totalitarian instincts is their incompetence in thinking them through. 

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