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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Brent Labour: Regeneration and Culture

Here are Brent Labour Party promises on what Brent Council should do to improve regeneration and culture.

A Labour Council will: -

· Concentrate growth in five localities, where infrastructure is best able to sustain it. The Growth Areas are: Alperton, Church End, Colindale, South Kilburn and Wembley. We will continue to improve the infrastructure through section 106 funds (planning gain), or any other means, and to take advantage of regeneration grant opportunities when they become available.
· Use regeneration projects to enhance the skills base of Brent residents, supporting local employment and training wherever possible.
· Review proposals in the North Circular Road area to focus more on transport issues, such as improving the IKEA road junction to ensure residents’ wishes are respected. We will also examine improving links between the northern and southern parts of Tokyngton.
· Support Park Royal as an “Opportunity Area” by working with other partners to improve transport links. We will encourage local employers in Park Royal and elsewhere to employ and train more Brent residents. We will seek to improve the look of the estate, to make it a more attractive place to work.
· Work with Camden Council and other stakeholders to restore Kilburn High Road as a major shopping area.
· Promote sport and leisure. This includes using the Playbuilder scheme to improve facilities across the Borough, seeking resources to redevelop Bridge Park and looking into the best way to develop a swimming pool in the northern part of Brent
· Support the establishment of a Community Youth Theatre for Brent, following the successful initiative in the Harlesden area
· Establish an information interchange for voluntary and school arts groups to promote collaborative working and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort
· Support a wide range of community festivals across the Borough.
Brent is an Olympic destination and we will take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity to secure jobs, infrastructure improvements and tourism for the benefit of all the people of Brent. We will commission a study of the likely impacts and we will set up a web site specifically designed to attract international visitors to Brent’s many attractions.

Unfortunately, the announcement of the Crossrail/ High Speed rail link just south of Willesden Junction came too late to be incoporated in the manifesto drafting, but I am sure that will be of immense importance especially to Harlesden and Kensal Green.

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