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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Kenton By Election Today

Today is the date of the Kenton By election, giving Kentonites the opportunity to give their views on the cuts programme of the current Tory led government.

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Barbara McTavish said...

Dear sir, it is interesting that you don't have a twitter account, enabling people to respond to your comments. Here is my response: I am angry with the current government for the cuts. But, as a lifelong labour voter, i am disgusted by the manner in which your council has chosen to implement this. You represent us and instead of fighting the government cuts, you are making them as harshly as possible. that it is Labour not just cutting libraries, but killing off half of the permanently, is something i never expected in my entire life. I now no longer blame the government since they did not tell you to do this, you chose to do it yourself, and this shabby point-scoring will no longer wash with the residents of Brent.

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